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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

P-Day 2004

Holidays that require festive attire can hit an office environment pretty hard…

NEVER in the history of my life have I seen a holiday abused like St. Patrick's Day, 2004.

We obviously need to lay down some P-Day ground rules, here:

Rule #1: I don't care if it's got half a million flecks of green in it, on it, or under it - yuletide accessories are not appropriate P-Day celebratory attire. Some woman was parading around the lobby with a heart-shaped wreath pin bolted to her blouse. Again, I say no.

Rule #2: Donning your official "Peter Pan Bus Lines" blazer in honor of P-Day is not only obscenely tacky but will cause the company to take legal action against you. And if you are so bold as to pair up the offending blazer with a shamrock tie and half a dozen Patty pins, your "luck of the Irish" days are definitely numbered.


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