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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Ad Ho Bag

Has anyone seen these...?

Mike's Hard Beverages - You know those ads where the bottle does all the talking? In one bbq spot he tells a cow, "Your wife was delicious." In another, he tells a softball player, "Hey Miller, I was with you girl last night and she had her hands all over me." Killing. Me.

You Bet Your Sweet... - Aspercreme has some serious gonads to have even brainstormed this ad (the elderly rheumatoid arthritis sufferers must be totally enraged). I completely ignored the thing until I realized the dude was singing, "You bet your sweet Aspecreme!" Oh, my virgin ears.

John Basedow - has got to be the fluffiest little fitness dude this side of Richard Simmons. He's got like 8,000 homemade workout videos selling right now - who on earth is buying them? I mean, have you seen this guy?? He looks all of 5'6" and probably tips the scales somewhere around 155 lbs. And he's supposed to get me cut up like Angela Bassett?? Quit flexing your twirpy torso and sell me a life insurance policy already.


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