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Thursday, June 23, 2005

I'd Sooner Live in a Cardboard Box

I don't care if the rent is free - don't even THINK about moving into the Ivy Club Apartments.

I am ready to hire a bunch of random lackeys, grab a grip of cardboard boxes and haul my ass right out of this pile of bricks. The Ivy Club leasing people run around inventing drama and then disappearing before anybody can call them on it. It is just unbelievable how many ways these people have found to jack up somebody's living experience.

Every time you stop by the leasing office, the place is a ghost town. The office hours are 9-5, Monday through Saturday. But when I roll in at 3:30 on a Wednesday afternoon, it's me and a tumbleweed behind the desk. And getting in touch with the leasing manager is more like trying to put a call through to the White House. I hear, "She's on call" or "She's unavailable" or "She's in a conference." I need just one person to bring me concrete evidence that this chick has completed an ounce of work since 2001.

But I can deal with slackers in the front office. What I can't deal with is fools who play around with my money. The Ivy Club people can't even do the ONE thing their job demands - keep up with the rent checks.

My May check went in the same drop box that I put it in every cottonpickin month. But eight days after I drop it off? The leasing office is saying my rent is "late", they've "taken legal action" and I'll be billed for "legal fees." No warnings, no questions; I'm obviously the fraud. And they don't deliver this accusation in person or over the phone. Instead, they type up a letter and slide it under my door after office hours. EXCUSE ME??!?

The next day I'm all over them and they start back-pedaling, "We're sorry, somehow your check must have gotten lost! But don't worry about the charges - they'll be dismissed."

Don't worry?? These people can't even keep up with a check and they think I'm going to trust them to get a court case dismissed??? I ended up taking hours off work and driving all the way to the county courthouse just to find out if the coast is clear. I also had to pay a $25 fee to put a stop payment on a check that they lost in the first place.

And the gift keeps on giving. Today I find another threatening letter under my door (after office hours, of course) stating that I have a "delinquent balance" of $200. FOR WHAT?? Are they just MAKING UP random fees now?? I frickin hate it here.

My lease is up on October 31st. Guess who'll be sitting in a U-Haul with the engine running the first day of November?


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