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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Love Me Some Chick-Fil-A

This is what happened on my way to interview with AOL this morning. Serves me right for trying to find another job...

The interview was slated for 10am so I left my house almost TWO HOURS early. Plenty of time to make a good impression, right? Of course not.

I'm on the Beltway headed toward Silver Spring when a wall of traffic hits me. We creep along at some limp-limbed pace with no sign of a break. Little did I know I'd be sitting in traffic for another 1.5 hours. It's 9:25 and I haven't even made it into Northern Virginia yet!

I'm deciding whether or not to call AOL and cancel the whole thing when the need to pee becomes so overwhelming that I almost tossed myself out of a moving car and ran into the bushes. I'm all the way over in the left lane...the next exit isn't for a few miles...sweet Lord, my head is about to explode!!!

After an eternity I managed to maneuver onto the first available exit ramp - only to hit more traffic. I finally spot a row of fast food places, so I shove my car into a parking garage, grab my purse and haul ass up the block. I'm in an all out pee-dance sprint when I pass a couple of bewildered security guys:

Me: "Where'sthenearestbathroom??Igottagosobad!!!"
Security Guy: "Uhhhh, there's a Chick-Fil-A at the corner, right up the block."
Me: "Thankyousomuch!!!Excuseme..."

I bolted up the street, tossed myself into the Chick-Fil-A and careened toward the restroom. [Wouldn't you KNOW there'd be some smarmy guys trying to push up on me! Who's gnawing on chicken at 10am, anyway??] I park myself in a stall and take care of business. Dear mother of heaven, sweet relief at last!!!

Of course, they were out of toilet paper.


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