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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Elelator Go Up...

Building management installed security badge readers in each elevator which means we have to use our badges to access certain floors. Change is hard – especially for some of our less technologically savvy coworkers…

Here is the list of people most likely to get confused on the elevators:

CL: after spending half the day riding the elevator, will resort to scaling the building's exterior using only her purse and a 3-ring binder.

RH: will give up on the elevator altogether, return home and attempt to "telecommute" by phoning Fred 48 times to complete his assignments for him.

MR: after uselessly pacing for a solid 40 minutes, will proceed to breathe audibly on the button panel, consequently shorting a fuse and disabling the entire elevator system.

WQ: will mistake the card reader for an intercom and try to use it to phone building security. When this fails, she will proceed to become distracted by a shiny object and forget her purpose altogether.


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