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Monday, June 06, 2005

Road Rant #1

Traffic is like air around here: it's everywhere and it stinks.

We all have to deal with it and we all hate it. So why is there always that one nimrod who isn't in a hurry to get anywhere? This is the guy that's got 4 car lengths of empty space between his jalopy and the vehicle in front of him. This is the guy that slams on brakes whenever he gets within 20 feet of another car. This is the guy that's got both, white-knuckled hands glued to the steering wheel like it's the last life vest on the Titanic.

And what is Pokey thinking? It's rush hour on a Monday morning - obviously he's headed to work. Aren't people expecting him to arrive well BEFORE 3pm?? Does he really think we all left our houses in the hopes of staring at the back of HIS car all morning??

I wish these people would just put it in park and WALK it.


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