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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Po-Po Got Punk'd

So what, you're driving a squad car. And...??!

This morning's run-in with an agent of law enforcement has caused me to draw the following conclusion: There are way too many pansies hiding behind a badge these days.

Not casting aspersions on REAL cops, here. But the dude below is a total lady and deserves to get called out for it.

So I'm heading onto the GW Parkway and in front of me is a Park Police officer in his big, bad squad car. For purposes of this tale, we'll refer to him as "Young Miss."

Anywho, Young Miss and I are headed towards our merge point. The ramp we're taking merges with traffic from the left side rather than the right. Fortunately there's not much traffic to merge with this morning, yet for some reason Young Miss is taking his sweet ass time to actually get on the parkway. And since I plan to be at work BEFORE the day is over, I decide to go ahead and change lanes anyway. But I don't want to be an ass about it, so I get over again to clear a space for Young Miss and his fancy cop car.

Now we're both on the parkway: I'm in the right-most lane and Young Miss is to my left. I'm thinking everything is copacetic so I accelerate within the posted speed limit. But just as I'm about to pass the pansy, Young Miss turns on his siren and starts yelling at me. WTF?!?

No flashing lights. No orders to pull over. Just a pissed off little lass that doesn't wanna get left behind.

So I decelerate until we're window to window. The broad is STILL glaring, throwing up his hands and looking generally irate. What was he expecting, the red carpet and an invitation to haul his hack onto the damn highway?!?

All this drama because I got over before you did?? Just grab your binky and toddle off to pre-K, will ya?


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