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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Helmet Head

I have not a CLUE what to say about this...

DARAIN HOUSEN has not taken off his hat for the last 20 years. He bathes, sleeps and does everything possible in it. It is a perfect fit.

But unlike other hats, his is not made of cloth but from the very hair on his head, which is why it cannot be removed.

Housen has been sporting his 'Natural Hat' hairstyle for the last 20 years. The 40-year-old barber who lives in Somerset, St. Thomas, said he came up with the idea after some of his friends decided to wear hats to a party but he could not find his own to wear.

The morning after the party, Housen clipped the rough edges and for six months he kept growing the 'peak.' Since then he has not made major changes to his 'Hat'.

The 'hat' has shocked and awed everyone including policemen, tourists and judges.

While coming from a dance early one morning, Housen was stopped by a policeman who insisted that he remove the 'hat.' He also said he was ordered by a judge to take off his 'hat' while on jury duty.

People from all over the island have taken photos with Housen, but while he has become quite an attraction, he has never charged a fee to have a photo taken of his hair.

Yet there is no doubt about Housen's fame. When we attempted to locate him for an interview, the team only had to mention 'the man with the hair hat' and we were immediately pointed in the right direction.


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