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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Bake Sales for Body Armor

Cranky Liberal and Bastard at Bring It On asked folks to get the word out about this.

It is a non-partisan drive to provide less fortunate soldiers in Iraq with body armor and any other supplies they may need. Read on if you're interested in taking part in an effort that will really support our troops...



This is the first time I have ever mass blasted something that is going on Blog Wise. I'm an ardent believer in reducing the amount of SPAM in life, but there are just times you need to be a little more vocal.

Please read the announcement below from my good friend TB over at Bring It On. We are kicking off an important fund raiser for our troops, and we ask you to consider helping in any way you can -- even if it is just a mention. This is a non-partisan issue; please help us help our brothers and sisters. (Oh and if you already know about this drive or have recieved email from someone else, I am sorry - feel free to yell at me.)

Thank You,


In the next couple of weeks a new site will be launched called Bake Sales for Body Armor, it is a not-for-profit site that will be dedicated to raising money to buy body armor for the less fortunate men and women of our Armed Forces that cannot afford to buy it on their own. This not-for-profit is being endorsed by Bring It On! because we feel it is a disgrace that our own government cannot properly equip our brave men and women of the Armed Forces.

Bring It On! also felt that this issue is one that cannot wait and have decided to raise money in advance of the launch of Bake Sales for Body Armor. Please click on this link to donate or get a bumper sticker or shirt to show your support for this cause. All proceeds will be donated to Bake Sales for Body Armor. This is a non-partisan issue, the lives of our soldiers are at stake, please donate now!

After donating, feel free to post this message on your site to help get the word out.

The creator of Bake Sales for Body Armor ia Tammara Rosenleaf, who is a member of Military Families Speak Out (MFSO), Helena Peace Seekers, Just Don't Go and the Prairie Chapel 12. Tammara's husband Sean is currently serving in Iraq. Tammara can be reached at:


***Further clarification from Bastard***

I would also note that it is not just body armor. Short of supplying ammunition we are interested in buying whatever the soldier needs to stay alive. Medical equipment, cooking utensils, even clothing. We are taking requests from soldiers now and sorting through what is needed.



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