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Friday, July 15, 2005

Buenos Noches

I always have the hardest time dragging my silly self to bed when I know that's exactly where I need to be. But anyway...

Today was my last day at the gubment agency, which was pretty damn sad (peacing out your work peeps is always the hardest part). Monday is my first day at AOL and everyone I know is predicting it'll be the land of perfection. Guess that's not hard to believe, considering the bucket of retards I just finished working for.

So like I said, I'm sleepy as hell. And tomorrow is Saturday which
should be the perfect day to sleep late. Instead I'll be rolling my putt-putt to the shop at the crack of dawn for a damn oil change. It's either show up early or sit in the asscrack "visitor's lounge" for five hours while they lethargically lube the whip.

All right. I'm audi.


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