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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

You Would Even Say It Blows

Word verification.

It would be just dandy if the "word" in question was legible enough to VERIFY.

But it's not the concept that sucks. It's the execution -- at least as far as Blogger is concerned. Not only do they take it upon themselves to throw together the most RANDOM conglomeration of characters ever assembled in the English language. They also feel the need to twist and warp each one to the point of obscurity. It's like holding a defective Speak 'n' Spell in front of a funhouse mirror; only not half as entertaining.

Yes, I am aware of the 238 spam comments I'd be wading through if not for the advent of verification technology. I'm just saying...can't it be a TEENSY bit more user-friendly??

Not that any of this is news to anybody. You guys play through the pain every time you post a [much appreciated] comment on this blog. Just thought I'd let you know that I sincerely empathize. Especially with you, Thordora.


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