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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Man Question 2

Forgive me for constantly intruding into male business.

But guys are endlessly fascinating to me.

My next question for the dudes is: do you TP after you tinkle?

Awhile back, a female friend was watching her younger, male cousin. He went off to use the lil' pirates room and everything was going swimmingly. Until my friend told the cousin not to leave the restroom without hankying his hooha. That's when all heck broke loose.

Her husband, when he heard, was horrified for the poor kid: "You can't tell a guy that!!" My friend was totally blown away by her husband's disgust and asked
what was so emasculating about a guy wiping his wang with a sheet of toilet paper. But all her husband would say in response was, "We just don't DO that!"

I was equally confused by her husband's reaction and, of course, brought this question up to Eric. He quickly agreed that telling a guy to daub his dingle after using the bathroom was about as manly as suggesting that he don a pair of lace panties just before entering a male figure skating competition.

Guys, you know what's coming, don't ya?

What is so heinous about sponging off after a sprinkle? Women do it all the time -- we really have no choice. Please help me understand why GUYS find it so abominable.


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