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Friday, February 17, 2006

Ream Job

My boss ripped me a nice, clean, shiny new one at work today.

Short version of the story: I'm working on several projects simultaneously -- the big NYC project I mentioned earlier as well as a series of smaller projects in VA. Well, after everything was said and done yesterday it came to light that a small task slipped through the cracks. The oversight was my fault and for that I explained my actions to my boss and apologized.

She swore everything was copacetic but still I absolutely HATE getting called on the carpet. So, in typical me fashion, I carried the burden of guilt on my shoulders for the remainder of my work day. Eric's trying to convince me that this kind of thing happens to everyone and I need to move past it. But as much as I try to numb the sting of a newly ripped asshole, the mood I'm in refuses to dissipate. Great, now I'm both sick AND simpering. Poor Eric.

Now I ask you, my loyal leaders:

1) How do you respond when your boss calls you out? Do you become indignant, apologize profusely, demand legal counsel?

2) How do you react AFTER the ream job? Are you pissed or (like me) do you carry around your injured feelings until the next time you royally eff up?


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