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Monday, February 06, 2006

Feels Like Another One

Tag time, back again...

1) Full Name? Nicole (hey, this is the interweb after all)

2) Ever been on a diet? Do rats have asses?

3) Do you sort your laundry or just shove it in altogether? I'm a born again sorter.

4) Do you grill outdoors during the winter? That's Eric's job.

5) Camping or Beach Vacation? I've never been one to sleep outdoors voluntarily.

6) Where do you work/for how long? AOL for about 7 months now.

7) Are you a morning person or night owl? Totally a night monster.

8) Do you like to scrapbook? It sounds great in theory but I'm too lazy.

9) Ever been to DisneyWorld? Many, many moons ago; pre-Epcott.

10) If there were 3 things that you could eat ALL THE TIME without gaining a pound, what would they be? Pizza and just about any food involving sugar.

11) Are you a coffee drinker? I can practically SCHEDULE my caffeine headaches...

12) Do you have pets? Two cats (hold all snickering till the end, please).

13) What type of music do you listen to? Just about anything that doesn't involve a harpsichord, fiddle or ukulele.

14) Do you cook or go out to eat more? I prefer to eat other people's food whenever possible.

15) Is your home decor more Country, Victorian, Primitive, Contemporary or other? Ha, like I can AFFORD to decorate my house.

16) Are you a jewelry wearer? See question 2.

17) Do you have a favorite number? It's a toss-up between 3 and 5.

18) Ever won the lottery? Pfft! Would I be blogging if I had?? Okay, you have a point.

19) Do you make your bed each morning? Yes. I know I have problems.

20) How often do you dust and vacuum? See question 4.

21) What time is it right now? 14:58 EST

22) Do you burn candles? No. Jacks my sinuses up.

23) What's one thing you WON'T eat? No way could I limit this to one item: raisins, tripe, pig's feet, coconut, tripe, chitterlings, squash...did I mention tripe?

24) Any tattoos? If I could ever make up my mind on what to get.

25) Ever been on a cruise? Nope.

26) Gold or Silver jewelry? Silver's okay. I used to hate yellow gold but these days it's making a comeback.

27) Do you own exercise equipment? Nope.

28) Comedies, drama, reality tv, soap operas -- what type of TV do you watch? Some reality shows and just about everything on Discovery, CourtTV and VH1.

29) Carpeting, linoleum, tile or harwood floors? Given the choice, DEFINITELY hardwood.

30) What do you drive? Toyota Rav4 (blue). Don't hate.

31) Who else should take this survey? I'll only point the finger at Bastard this time. The rest of you are off the hook (unless you don't want to be). ;)


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