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Friday, February 03, 2006

You Say What

A very thought-provoking topic popped up on a local radio show recently. And, as usual, I thought I'd get you guys involved. The question is:

"Would you attend the out-of-town wedding of a friend whom you knew to be unfaithful?"

There seemed to be three general opinions on this:

1) The host of the show was against the idea. Why make flight and hotel arrangements to celebrate a marriage that's gonna fall apart anyway?

2) Some callers argued that the cheating aspect is irrelevant. The person is your friend and it's their WEDDING -- you're almost morally obligated to attend.

3) Other callers claimed that EVERYONE cheats. So none of that's even your business.


My thoughts (because you asked):

1) I see the host's point. The marriage will probably have the shelf life of a carton of eggs so why waste hundreds of dollars to attend the wedding?

2) It's your friend's wedding, sure. But would you be able to stand by while they walk into a potentially disastrous marriage?

I went through this with a very close friend of mine (though she wasn't cheating). Still, we ALL knew her marriage would over quicker than it began. But no matter how much sense we tried to talk into her, she refused to listen and forged ahead with her plans. I finally got so fed up that I threatened to back out of the whole thing. But some of my other friends begged me not to let one [really, really] bad decision end a 15-year friendship.
So yeah, I gave in. And, as predicted, my friend is miserable.

3) THIS mode of thinking sets my teeth on edge.
I'm sorry but if I labored under the belief that EVERY guy on earth was unfaithful I'd just marry one of my cats and be done with it.

Besides, have any of these defeatists conducted RESEARCH that supports their "everybody cheats" theory? We've all probably endured some jacked up relationships but if you haven't dated the entire world's population how can you draw such a dramatic conclusion? I mean, just because YOUR extra-curricular activities are shady doesn't mean I'm creeping on every creature with a pulse.

But that's just my 2 cents. Thoughts? Questions? Hatred?


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