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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Man Question

Eric and I got into a fake debate over a man-subject the other day.

Which means I should've just take his word for it since I'm not a guy, right? But you know me -- shutting up is definitely not my forte. So, as per my usual, I thought I'd air the topic on the blog. Because here NOTHING is sacred.

The question I'd like to pose to the guys (gals are more than welcome to chime in) is: why do you zip after you button?

Every guy I've ever dated handles wardrobe assembly the same way -- when you're putting on pants, you button first THEN you zip. For me, that would make it next to impossible to yank the thing all the way up. And of the two genders, I'd think that GUYS would have more of a vested interest in keeping that area thoroughly covered (most of you anyway).

Long ass question short: is button-zipping a GUY thing or is it just a matter of preference?


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