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Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Cheney told me not to post anything for Wednesday.

Mainly because I'll be too busy with this new project to respond to any comments until Thursday. Cheney hates it when I sleep on the job.

But the Winter Olympics are far too puzzling for me to remain silent tonight.

First I wanna know: are any of you guys even WATCHING? I'll be the first to admit that the winter games downright PALE in comparison to those of summer. I probably watch every event the Summer Olympics has to offer -- track and field, swimming, diving, gymnastics, shot put, weight lifting, Keirin -- the list is endless. Just naming these events has me all hyped up for 2008...YEAH BABY!!!

But the antics in Torino? Meh.

What gets me is the number of mistakes, bail-outs and disqualifications there've been so far. The opening ceremonies were less than a week ago, yet every time I turn on the news another gold medal contender has bombed his best event (Apollo Anton Ohno, Bode Miller) or has dropped out of the games altogether (*cough*...Michelle Kwan...*cough*).

I've had NBC on for the past two hours out of sheer boredom. Right now they're showing men's figure skating (please save all giggles till the end of this post) and I swear that EVERY dude has either watered down his jumps or fallen on his ass completely.

What the hell are we even IN the Olympics for?

With Team USA's pitiful performance thus far I could think of a BILLION other uses for all that endorsement money. Such as bribing Cheney into taking Bush along during his next hunting trip...*

*That was awful, I know.


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