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Sunday, February 12, 2006


Eric just came in from shoveling the snow that fell last night and he informed that he was the ONLY guy out there. Apparently all the other shovelers present were female. Not that a woman can't shovel her own snow. My point is: where the heck were all the MEN in the neighborhood??

And I'm not just talking about significant others. For instance, the woman who lives next door to me was outside all morning hauling snow. Yet I know for a fact that her lazy, chain-smoking, 40 year old, anti-social son was sitting in the house doing absolutely NOTHING.

I know if I tried that brand of malarkey with MY mom I'd get a good, swift kick in the teeth.

Plus, my neighborhood is chock full of families so I'm sure that 99% of the women outside have a brother, son, uncle, cousin, grandfather, secret boyfriend or SOMEBODY that could have pitched in for the cause.

Frickin LOSERS.


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