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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

New Year, New Tag

Some Bastard tagged me so I must oblige!

Five Random Facts About Nicole
(Whether these facts are actually that random is up for debate...)

Fact #1: I am scared to death of falling down stairs. It's not that I'm not afraid of the steps themselves. I just have this insane, irrational paranoia of plummeting down a flight. Doesn't matter if they're stationary or in motion -- I'm gripping the hand rails like the jaws of life.

Fact #2: I'm partially Native American. On my father's side. His grandfather was part of the Lightfoot tribe in Big Island, VA. Wish I knew more of the details on the geneology but alas, I don't.

Fact #3: I'm left-handed. A fact that won't raise many eyebrows. But admit it, it's damn COOL! Especially since I'm in the design field -- being left-handed just confirms that I'm supercreative. Besides, those who write with their left hands are in their RIGHT minds. ;)

Fact #4: I was THERE. As in, "I was living and working in Manhattan during 9/11." An admission that might not mean much to some, but it means a hell of a lot to ME. That day was indescribably tragic and surreal.

Fact #5: I have never been drunk. So many have tried to put an end to my decades of sobriety but, as of yet, none of them have succeeded. Mind you, I have nothing against alcohol. I just don't like the taste of it enough to guzzle it until I'm blind in one eye. And as far as drowning my sorrows? That's what 12" strawberry cheesecakes are made for.

You're wishing I'd just go back to posting forwards again, aren't you?

Okay, now to pass on the torch to Lil Red, Vixen, NJ. And, just added, Eric!

(Erech and Mojotek are now off the hook. Sorry dudes.)


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