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Monday, March 13, 2006

Decision 2006

People? I need your help and I need it QUICK!

I have wanted a 17" Powerbook since the things were first unveiled.

Well this weekend I was alerted to the fact that someone in the UK is selling theirs for $800. Now, Eric and I have done some investigating and so far the deal seems totally legit. There's even an arrangement that allows me to INSPECT the machine before I commit to buying it.

The question is, DO I buy it???

I'm sure the Mac users out there are wondering why I would even hesitate to act on this. There are five valid reasons:

1) My office just issued me a brand new 15" Powerbook last Thursday.

2) The 17" I want to buy has only a third the RAM of the 15" which makes it much slower.

3) It would cost me an extra $400 to match the RAM in the 15".

4) Which means the 17" price surges from $800 to $1200.

5) I already HAVE three other Mac laptops in my possession (though only one of them actually belongs to me).

Still, I'd have no prayer of getting a 17" Powerbook for close to $1200 in THIS lifetime. The clock is ticking yet I just can't make a decision on this.



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