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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Like To Watch?

I having nothing to say about the Oscars tonight.

At least, nothing that anyone really wants to read. I feel woefully out of touch this year. Usually I pay more attention to the films and performances that are being hailed by the Academy. This year I almost forgot what night the thing is even telecast.

Am I actually gonna watch tonight? Your guess is as good as mine.

I know this Oscar apathy is just a "me" thing as evidenced by the number of recent blog posts referencing the excitement. People are all a'twitter about the outcome of tonight's proceedings. Oodles of recent entries have been penned referencing Oscar picks, Oscar pans, Oscar pools, Oscar parties -- anything to do with Oscar fanfare. There are galas, events and brouhahas going on all over town that I have not a PRAYER of getting invited to. I haven't been that excited since Halle and Denzel won the big trophy.

Now THAT was some kinda Oscar night.

The Statue Train is heading towards the station. Am I the only one standing around without a ticket?


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