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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Diss, Miss?

I'm not getting political here.

Well, not really.

I just have to know, is THIS what it's come down to lately? Jessica "Chicken of the Sea" Simpson snubs a Republican fundraiser and the entire politisphere is up in arms??

Yeah sure, Bush scheduled ample face-time with the broad. But does her reticence to appear really rank THAT high on the diss scale?? The woman shills PIZZA BITES for cripes sake!

Jessica Simpson Snubs President Bush
Thursday Mar 16, 2006 8:00am EST
By Stephen M. Silverman

Jessica Simpson has left Republicans in Washington dismayed by turning down a invitation to meet with U.S. President George W. Bush at a major party fund-raiser with the president and congressional leaders scheduled for Thursday night.

Her plan to ditch the gathering came after a day of conflicting reports from her handlers and the organizers of the event, reports Reuters. Simpson is in the nation's capital to lobby members of Congress on behalf of Operation Smile, a non-profit venture offering free plastic surgery for disadvantaged children overseas with facial deformities.

People close to Simpson said she declined a request to appear that same evening at the gala fund-raiser of the National Republican Congressional Committee – even after she was offered some private face time with Bush – because Operation Smile is a non-partisan group, says the news service.

NRCC spokesman Carl Forti said he was surprised by the behavior of the 25-year-old Dukes of Hazzard star.

"It's never been a problem for Bono," he said, referring to the U2 star who has met regularly with leaders of all political leanings to promote such causes as Third World debt relief. "I find it hard to believe she would pass up an opportunity to lobby the president on behalf of Operation Smile."

Although Simpson's publicists insisted she never had planned to attend the fund-raiser, Forti said the actress initially accepted the NRCC invitation when it was extended on Tuesday night, only to change her mind the next evening.

Causing further aggravation for his party, President Bush's approval rating by the American public is at its lowest ever, 37 percent, according to the latest monthly poll carried out by the Wall Street Journal and NBC News. In addition, 58 percent of those polled judge his job performance to be poor. The Iraqi War is being cited as the cause for such showings.


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