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Friday, July 29, 2005

Ringling Bros.

Why do I look like a grade-A goober today?

Ever have those mornings where you walk out the front door and realize that what you're wearing is absolutely horrifying?

Seriously. I gave nary a thought to my wardrobe until I stopped to get gas. I looked down at my ensemble and said to myself, "Somebody ought to slap you."

Yet, there's no specific facet of my outfit that I can point the finger at. Just a lavendar polo-esque shirt (much like the one in my photo), some Gap khakis and those trendy, rugby-looking sneakers that everybody and their grandmother is wearing nowadays. Doesn't sound horrendous, does it? So why do I feel like the village idiot for being seen in this getup??

Oh well, it's Friday. Don't nobody give a flip.


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