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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The Final Countdown

It's a headgear epidemic around here.

I'm in the work kitchen, heating up my Cardboard Cuisine. Everything is going swimmingly until around T-2 minutes when some broad saunters in. She grabs her frozen entree from the freezer and then? Just stands there.

Am I giving a show? What the hell is she waiting for?

My mind is fully blown when I realize she's gonna stand here an entire two minutes while my crap cooks. ARE? YOU? KIDDING? ME?

(I'm sure you're thinking, "Two minutes - big deal." Next chance you get, try staring at some random, mute broad for 120 seconds just to see how entertaining that nonsense is.)

Sure, in most office environments a microwave is considered a pretty hot commodity. But this is AOL - we've got at least 851 microwaves in this building. Is this woman dumb or just stupid?

And even if this were the last working microwave on earth, what kinda halfwit stands in line for the privilege of using a kitchen appliance??

Get outta here, ya animal!!!


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